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  • Andrew Adamson Avatar
    Andrew Adamson
    8/02/2021 – Google

    Rob the owner was very professional and attentive at every turn of our project. His team transformed our home and yard into a beautiful oasis for us to spend time as a family. They have been first class all the way!

    Eleanor Magro Avatar
    Eleanor Magro
    7/28/2021 – Google

    Great young men doing hard work.

    Jonathan F Avatar
    Jonathan F
    7/27/2021 – Google

    Rare is the day where I find myself leaving a favorable review as I had believed that quality, communication, reliability and transparency were lost attributes. Rob and his overachieving, hard working and detail oriented team at Fine Design Masonry blew our expectations out of the water. This, coming from someone… read more

  • Jeannice Mapa Avatar
    Jeannice Mapa
    6/21/2021 – Google

    I would highly recommend Rob (owner) and his team at Fine Design Masonry to anyone who wants an awesome quality install on their pavers, backyard patio areas and house 🏡 . After they were done it felt like an extreme home makeover show came into our front/backyard and did a… read more

    Joseph Cook Avatar
    Joseph Cook
    3/29/2021 – Google

    Rob and his crew were extremely professional and easy to work with. Any change orders went off without a hitch. Rob and his manager Danny should be commended for how quickly and smoothly the project went. I would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.

    Joe Buda Avatar
    Joe Buda
    3/28/2021 – Google

    Fine Design does it all. My house came out perfect. We had the entire outside property done after we put in a inground pool. Pavers, walls, porches, fencing, landscaping and sprinklers. Robert, the owner, was there throughout the entire process. Answers phone on Sundays too. He has great ideas and… read more

  • John Rinaldi Avatar
    John Rinaldi
    3/22/2021 – Google

    I have been using this company for projects that I just keep adding year after year. Their work is top-notch. They are extremely reliable and Rob and his crew are incredibly professional as well!!!I’m very lucky to have found them a few years back and they have turned my house… read more

    Zulfikar Musliwala Avatar
    Zulfikar Musliwala
    3/15/2021 – Google

    Rob and his Fine Design team are easy to work with and extremely responsive. The crew works diligently and pays attention to details while Rob is available at all times to answer questions and quell any concerns. This is the second project FD has done for us and they can… read more

    Kerry Domanick Avatar
    Kerry Domanick
    1/14/2021 – Google

    Robert and his team were the consummate professionals. Initially, they affixed a stone fascia to complement our siding. As a result of that work, we hired Fine Design Masonry for our next big project: our backyard patio. Brian designed a patio and several flowerbed walls that… read more

Masonry Contractor In Napeague

Questions to Ask During Consultations with Brick Masonry Contractors Near You in Suffolk County

If you’re looking for the best masonry contractors near you, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re thinking about installing a patio around your pool, you need to install retaining walls, you’d like to build an outdoor fireplace and kitchen, or you have any other exterior masonry structure in mind, our local masonry contractors can design and install any feature you have in mind. 

With more than 20 years of experience, our team of experts has the knowledge and skill you can count on to enhance the aesthetic appeal, increase the usability, and boost the value of your Suffolk County property. If you’re looking for the most reliable local masonry contractors, you can search online for “stone masonry contractors near me”, “residential masonry contractors near me”, or a similar query and maybe you’ll find a reputable company, or you can save yourself the hassle and get in touch with a Napeague, NY masonry contractor that you know you can rely on to deliver outstanding results: Fine Design Masonry.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire Brick Masonry Contractors Near You

Patios, walkways, driveways, pool surrounds, fire pits; there are so many kinds of structures that can be made from brick. If you’re thinking about installing a brick feature in your Suffolk County yard, no matter what it may be, there’s no doubt that you want to find a reliable Napeague, NY masonry contractor that specializes in brick construction.

Whether you’ve gotten the names of a few masonry companies near you from the people you know or you’ve searched the internet for “brick masonry contractors near me” and have found a few options that have piqued your interest before you make a final decision, schedule consultations with each contender. Here’s a look at some key questions you should ask before you decide which Napeague, NY masonry contractor you should choose for your Suffolk County project.

Do you have any certifications?

Ask the residential masonry contractors near you that you’re thinking about hiring if they have any certifications. All reputable Napeague, NY masonry contractors will be certified by the Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA), at the very least. If they are certified by any other professional, accredited organization, such as the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA), that’s definitely an added bonus.

Can I see proof of your insurance?

In order to perform services in Suffolk County, a Napeague, NY masonry contractor must be insured. Insurance protects you from any issues that may arise during the construction of your project that the contractor is responsible for. If the contractor damages your property or sustains an injury on your property, their insurance will cover the cost of any related expenses. Just because brick masonry companies near you are required to carry insurance, however, that doesn’t mean all of them do. Insurance coverage can be pricey and some contractors may skimp on coverage to keep their costs down. If you hire someone who isn’t insured and something does go wrong, you could end up being responsible. To avoid unexpected, exorbitant costs, make sure to ask any of the masonry companies near you that you’re thinking about hiring if you can see proof of their insurance and check to ensure that their policies are valid. Any reputable Napeague, NY masonry contractor will be more than happy to share this information with you.

Do you have experience building the structure I’m interested in?

Don’t assume that all brick masonry contractors near you will be able to install the specific structure you’re interested in; be sure to ask. If you’d like to have an outdoor fireplace or fire pit installed in your Suffolk County yard, you probably aren’t going to want to hire someone who only has experience constructing patios and walkways. If you want the best results possible, make sure that the contractor you choose has ample experience designing and installing the specific structure that you are interested in.

How long will it take to complete the project?

Knowing how quickly a contractor can complete the job is important. You want to start enjoying your new brick structure as soon as possible; not to mention the fact that the installation of masonry structures is likely going to disrupt your normal routine, as the part of your Suffolk County property where the work is being done will be off-limits until the project is complete. Be sure that the brick masonry contractors near you that you are considering hiring provide a clear timeline of completion. However, do note that if you’re having something elaborate installed – a brick patio, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen, for example – if a contractor quotes a timeframe that seems alarmingly fast, proceed with caution. While you want to have your project completed as quickly as possible, you also want it to be installed properly. If a contractor gets the job done too quickly, there’s a chance that there could be issues with the construction and the integrity of the structure.

Schedule a Consultation with a Leading Napeague, NY Masonry Contractor

When you’re researching brick masonry contractors near you, make sure that you include the most trusted Napeague, NY masonry contractor on your list of companies to contact: Fine Design Masonry. Offering more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record of success, our fully licensed and insured, locally-owned and operated company has the knowledge and skill that you can count on to design and install a beautiful, durable brick structure that you will be sure to enjoy for years to come. Call 631-433-4812 or visit to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates. At Fine Design Masonry, we’re looking forward to transforming your Suffolk County yard and making it a more functional, beautiful space.

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