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  • Barbara Briggs Avatar
    Barbara Briggs
    7/13/2022 – Google

    I would not use any other masonry service ever again. From the beginning, Rob was extremely professional and listened to what I wanted. What’s more important is that his crew delivered! I could not ask for a more beautiful patio. I would definitely use them again… read more

    David Mauro Avatar
    David Mauro
    7/13/2022 – Google

    Rob and his team, an absolute pleasure to deal with. What his team created for my wife and myself, is truly amazing. We are still in disbelief we have that pool in our backyard. It is like we have our own resort . Any questions during the build, Rob was… read more

    Jennifer Weil Avatar
    Jennifer Weil
    4/13/2022 – Google

    The guys did a great job and we couldn’t be happier. They cleaned up so well you never would have known they were there. I highly recommend them!

  • Gregg Berry Avatar
    Gregg Berry
    2/13/2022 – Google

    Fine Design Masonry just completed work at my home in Glen Cove, NY. They built a 70 Ft + wide & 6 Ft high retaining wall. From the start Rob and his team were awesome. From planning to completion they managed every detail. I was amazed… read more

    James Zito Avatar
    James Zito
    2/13/2022 – Google

    I never give reviews and I don’t like using contractors. Rob and his meticulous teams changed all of that. Rob did everything he said and more. He was there when he said he would be. If I had a question he wanted to not only answer it but make sure… read more

    nathan lam Avatar
    nathan lam
    1/13/2022 – Google

    Amazing Transformation, Very competitive pricing, Professional stuffs! they always clean the site thoroughly everyday before leaving for the day! i love the porch led lightings, Absolute 5 stars for fine design masonry! Rob was very professional and was so helpful and went above and beyond to make sure my whole… read more

  • Kevin Gallagher Avatar
    Kevin Gallagher
    1/13/2022 – Google

    Robert and his staff were professional and friendly. A pleasure to work with and amazing craftsmanship. Thanks! Kevin G

    Andrew Adamson Avatar
    Andrew Adamson
    8/02/2021 – Google

    Rob the owner was very professional and attentive at every turn of our project. His team transformed our home and yard into a beautiful oasis for us to spend time as a family. They have been first class all the way!

    Eleanor Magro Avatar
    Eleanor Magro
    7/28/2021 – Google

    Great young men doing hard work.

Masonry Contractor In Strongs Neck

Signs You Might Need to Contact Masonry Companies Near You to Repair Your Suffolk County Patio

When the property owners of Suffolk County are looking for “masonry contractors near me”, Fine Design Masonry is the first company they call. With more than 20 years of experience, our locally owned and operated company has been transforming the yards of homeowners throughout the area with premium-quality, high-end masonry structures. Patios, pool surrounds, driveways, walkways, outdoor fireplaces, and more; our local masonry contractors are experts in their trade and can improve the beauty, enhance the function, and increase the value of your Suffolk County property. If you’re looking for a Strongs Neck, NY masonry contractor that you can count on to offer durable, beautiful, and affordable results, instead of searching for “masonry companies near me” or “masonry contractors near me” and hoping that you’ll find someone reputable, get in touch with the most trusted residential masonry contractors near you: Fine Design Masonry.

Signs You Should Contact a Strongs Neck, NY Masonry Contractor to Repair Your Patio

A patio is a wonderful feature of your Suffolk County property. It makes your yard more functional and serves as an inviting space to enjoy outdoor dining, to gather with friends and family, or to simply kick-back, relax, and enjoy some fresh air. However, since a patio is constantly exposed to the elements, including wind, rain, snow, and the harsh UV rays of the sun, and because you use it on a regular basis, it’s prone to damage and can show signs of wear and tear.

Whether your patio is made of brick, pavers, or natural stone, here’s a look at some telltale signs that you should consider researching masonry companies near you to have the structure repaired.

It’s Uneven

Over time, brick, patio, and natural stones can become uneven. The ground underneath the structure can shift, which can cause the materials to shift and become unlevel. When a patio is uneven, instead of being an asset to your Suffolk County property, it can become a liability. If the footing is uneven, someone could trip, fall, and sustain an injury.

If it seems like your patio is uneven, contact masonry companies near you. A reputable Strongs Neck, NY masonry contractor will be able to address the underlying issues, even out the surface, and restore the safety of your stone, brick, or paver patio.

Chips and Cracks

Generally, masonry materials are highly durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to damage. If you drop something heavy on the surface, pavers, stones, or bricks could chip or crack. Additionally, water can seep into small cracks and crevices in the materials. As the moisture freezes and thaws, the masonry materials will expand and contract, which could result in larger, more unsightly cracks.

An experienced Strongs Neck, NY masonry contractor will be able to remove the cracked and/or chipped materials and replace them with new ones that will match the rest of your Suffolk County, restoring the look of the entire structure.

It Retains Water

Your Suffolk County patio should have been installed with a slight slope. That slope should be slight enough that the function of the structure hasn’t negatively impacted; however, it should be enough to allow water to run off of it. If you notice that your patio is covered with puddles after it rains or when your sprinklers hit it, you should start researching masonry companies near you. When a patio holds water, it may have been poorly installed, or the ground underneath it may have shifted or sunk. While the water may eventually evaporate, it can be a real nuisance until they do. Even more problematic, those puddles could cause more serious problems, as water could erode materials or freeze and thaw, causing chips, cracks, or loosening the stones, bricks, or pavers.

If your Suffolk County patio is holding water, contact a local masonry contractor. They’ll be able to address the underlying conditions to ensure that water runs off the structure, eliminating the development of puddles.

Vegetation Between the Joints

It isn’t uncommon for vegetation to grow between the joints of a patio. Though the spaces between the bricks, pavers, or stones may seem small, seeds can make their way in between them and sprout. Not only is that vegetation unsightly, but it can also lead to structural problems. As the roots spread, they can loosen the structure and weaken the materials, which can result in cracks or an uneven surface.

While you could pull the weeds and grass that grow between the joints of your Suffolk County patio, doing so can be a real hassle. Products that are designed to kill weeds would make the job easier, but there’s a chance that they could damage the masonry materials. The most effective way to address the problem is by applying polymeric sand. This fine sand is mixed with additives, such as silica, and is combined with water to create a binding agent. When placed between the joints of a patio, the amount of weed and/or grass growth will be significantly reduced. An experienced Strongs Neck, NY masonry contractor will be able to properly install the sand for you.

Looking for Masonry Companies Near You to Repair Your Suffolk County Patio?

No matter what kind of problem you’re having with your Suffolk County patio, for the most reliable, affordable repairs, don’t go through the hassle of searching for “stone masonry contractors near me” or “brick masonry contractors near me”, and instead, contact a leading Strongs Neck, NY masonry contractor: Fine Design Masonry. To find out how we can repair your patio and restore its beauty, function, and safety, call 631-433-4812 or visit today!

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