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  • Andrew Adamson Avatar
    Andrew Adamson
    8/02/2021 – Google

    Rob the owner was very professional and attentive at every turn of our project. His team transformed our home and yard into a beautiful oasis for us to spend time as a family. They have been first class all the way!

    Eleanor Magro Avatar
    Eleanor Magro
    7/28/2021 – Google

    Great young men doing hard work.

    Jonathan F Avatar
    Jonathan F
    7/27/2021 – Google

    Rare is the day where I find myself leaving a favorable review as I had believed that quality, communication, reliability and transparency were lost attributes. Rob and his overachieving, hard working and detail oriented team at Fine Design Masonry blew our expectations out of the water. This, coming from someone… read more

  • Jeannice Mapa Avatar
    Jeannice Mapa
    6/21/2021 – Google

    I would highly recommend Rob (owner) and his team at Fine Design Masonry to anyone who wants an awesome quality install on their pavers, backyard patio areas and house 🏡 . After they were done it felt like an extreme home makeover show came into our front/backyard and did a… read more

    Joseph Cook Avatar
    Joseph Cook
    3/29/2021 – Google

    Rob and his crew were extremely professional and easy to work with. Any change orders went off without a hitch. Rob and his manager Danny should be commended for how quickly and smoothly the project went. I would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.

    Joe Buda Avatar
    Joe Buda
    3/28/2021 – Google

    Fine Design does it all. My house came out perfect. We had the entire outside property done after we put in a inground pool. Pavers, walls, porches, fencing, landscaping and sprinklers. Robert, the owner, was there throughout the entire process. Answers phone on Sundays too. He has great ideas and… read more

  • John Rinaldi Avatar
    John Rinaldi
    3/22/2021 – Google

    I have been using this company for projects that I just keep adding year after year. Their work is top-notch. They are extremely reliable and Rob and his crew are incredibly professional as well!!!I’m very lucky to have found them a few years back and they have turned my house… read more

    Zulfikar Musliwala Avatar
    Zulfikar Musliwala
    3/15/2021 – Google

    Rob and his Fine Design team are easy to work with and extremely responsive. The crew works diligently and pays attention to details while Rob is available at all times to answer questions and quell any concerns. This is the second project FD has done for us and they can… read more

    Kerry Domanick Avatar
    Kerry Domanick
    1/14/2021 – Google

    Robert and his team were the consummate professionals. Initially, they affixed a stone fascia to complement our siding. As a result of that work, we hired Fine Design Masonry for our next big project: our backyard patio. Brian designed a patio and several flowerbed walls that… read more

Masonry In Westhampton

Telltale Signs You Should Start Looking for “Stone Masonry Near Me” to Repair Your Westhampton, NY Stone Structures

For more than 20 years, Fine Design Masonry has been transforming the properties of Suffolk County and Suffolk County with superior-quality masonry construction. Our fully licensed and insured, locally owned and operated company has a proven track record of success and the knowledge and experience you can count on to design and repair all kinds of masonry structures. Whether you’re looking for a brick mason near you to install a new patio, you’re searching for a stone mason who can expand your existing driveway and walkway, or you’re looking for a professional who specializes in masonry near you to fix your pool surround, look no further than the pros at Fine Design Masonry! No matter what your needs may be, when our team is on the job, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll receive exceptional results.

Signs You Should Contact a Westhampton, NY Masonry Professional to Repair Your Stone Structures

Patios, pool surrounds, fire pits, retaining walls, patios; stone structures are an asset to your Suffolk County property. They can make the space more usable, improve the aesthetic appeal of your yard, and significantly enhance the overall value of your property. While there’s no denying that stone hardscapes are wonderful features, if they become damaged, instead of being an asset, they can become a liability. With the help of a company that specializes in stone masonry near you, however, you can have those structures repaired, restoring their durability and beauty. But how do you know when your stone hardscapes need to be repaired? Here’s a look at some of the telltale signs that you should get in touch with a Westhampton, NY masonry professional to repair the stone features on your Suffolk County property.

Cracks and Chips

While natural stone and cast stone materials are very durable, over time, they can sustain damage. Whether it’s a patio, walkway, driveway, a fireplace, or any other feature, with regular use and constant exposure to the elements, stone structures could crack and chip stone masonry materials. Additionally, if something heavy falls on the surface with a lot of force, natural and artificial stones can develop cracks and chips. Furthermore, if water seeps into any openings in the structure, as it freezes and thaws, the materials will expand and contract, which could result in cracking, too.

Whatever the cause, if you see any cracks and chips in your Suffolk County stone hardscapes, you’ll want to get in touch with a professional Westhampton, NY masonry contractor. A reputable mason will be able to remove and replace the damaged stones.

Uneven Surfaces

Does it seem like the surface of your stone patio, pool surround, walkway, or any other hardscape structure is uneven? Those uneven surfaces can be more than just a nuisance; they can lead to more serious problems, including pooling water that could result in flooding, as well as slip and fall injuries. The unevenness could be the result of improper installation, or the ground underneath the structure may have moved, causing the stones to shift. No matter the reason, if your stone hardscapes are uneven, you should schedule an appointment with a Westhampton, NY masonry professional. A licensed and experienced contractor will perform a complete assessment to determine the underlying issues that have caused your stone surfaces to become uneven, and they’ll address the problem to ensure that the surface is level.

Loose Stones

As you walk across your walkway or drive across your driveway, does it seem like any of the stones are loose? If so, you should definitely contact a professional Westhampton, NY masonry contractor. Loose stones can occur for a number of reasons. The mortar holding the stones together could deteriorate and crumble as a result of constant exposure to the elements or ground shifting, for example. Loose stones can be a serious problem, as they can increase the risk of trips and falls that could lead to injuries. If you’ve noticed a single loose stone or several, make an appointment with a professional who specializes in stone masonry near you. They’ll identify the cause of the problem and will make the necessary repairs so that you can enjoy a solid, stable, and safe surface.

Contact Fine Design Masonry for All Your Stone Masonry Needs

If you’re experiencing one of the above-mentioned issues or are having any other problems with the stone structures on your Suffolk County property, contact the team at Fine Design Masonry to schedule an appointment for a repair. Our team of professionals works with all types of stone masonry materials and structures and can fix any problem that you may be having. Whether the problem is minor or major, when the crew at Fine Design Masonry is on the job, you can be sure that your stone structures will be masterfully restored. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 631-433-4812 or visit today and will be happy to assist you with all of your needs.

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