Masonry Services

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When you’re looking for beautiful, quality masonry work, choose Fine Design Masonry in Holbrook, NY to get the job done right. Our masonry work is unparalleled and backed by over 20 years of experience. Whether you’re looking to install an in-ground pool patio or pave your driveway, we possess the tools to make your dreams a reality. 

Our Services Include:

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Imagine having a perfectly sculpted and crafted backyard patio on your own Long Island property. With the professional design team at Fine Design Masonry on the job, any patio design is completely within reach. From brick and concrete, to cobblestone and ledgestone, we can create the outdoor living space that you have always wanted! Picture entertaining friends and family on your fully customized patio during the summer, and even winter months if you decide to build an outdoor fireplace! All your outdoor entertaining dreams can come true by working with the team at Fine Design Masonry.

Pool Areas

When the summer on Long Island rolls around, there’s only one thing everyone thinks about: it is time to hit the pool! If you have always wanted to create your own tropical Long Island backyard paradise, then Fine Design Masonry is the team to make it happen. Whether you are looking to create a sophisticated cobblestone or concrete pool area, or something more rustic like stacked stone or veneer stone, we can create the summer oasis you have always dreamed of!


The walkway that leads to your cherished Long Island home is like it’s grand entrance from the curb. It should be inviting, sophisticated, and charming. Your guests should be excited about walking up to your house. The team at Fine Design Masonry has been building fabulous Long Island home walkways for years. Building the path to your home is a job we will fully customize for you with our extensive collection of materials and equipment.


Parking your car at home should be a functional and safe experience. It can also be one done with style and sophistication. Whether you just want to touch up your existing Long Island driveway with general masonry repairs, or you want to redesign the whole area, Fine Design Masonry can make it happen! Park your car in style by calling us today to discuss our various driveway masonry project packages.


The stoop leading up to your Long Island home is more than just an entrance. Your stoop can be a place of relaxation and interaction with others in your neighborhood. Fine Design Masonry would be thrilled to build your custom stoop for you out of our extensive masonry materials such as slate, concrete, cobblestone, or any other material you can imagine. Not only will your stoop be safe and functional, but we guarantee to build you a stoop that is welcoming to everyone in the neighborhood.


The apron of your driveway is where the driveway meets the street. Not only should this be a safe and functional area of your Long Island property, but it can be an inviting entryway to your Long Island home. While the apron of your driveway is to provide a route between your home and the road, there are many reasons it can also be an attractive greeting to guests driving in for a visit. Whether you would like a cobblestone apron, or something functional and sophisticated with concrete, Fine Design Masonry can design and construct the perfect apron for you!

Seating Walls & Retaining Walls

If your backyard is like many others on Long Island and has some hills in it, you may want to consider installing seating walls or retaining walls. At Fine Design Masonry, we can construct and design seating walls and retaining walls that will not only help terrace the slopes of your yard, but also increase your yard’s space. Seating walls also make a wonderful design addition to any of your outdoor living spaces that exist in your backyard! From structures made from boulder or natural stone, to block and cap or brick veneer, we can design and construct seating walls and retaining walls that will not only function but serve as an attractive addition to your Long Island yard as well!  

Fireplaces – Indoor & Outdoor

Nothing is as cozy as cuddling up by a beautiful fire. And with the versatility of Fine Design Masonry’s skilled masonry contractors, we can build you an amazing fireplace in your Long Island home or as part of your outdoor living area. Whether indoors or outdoors, a customized fireplace will be an exciting visual for you and your guests during the cold winter months, or for outdoor camping and entertaining. From brick veneer to cobblestone or porcelain, we can provide you the fireplace of your dreams anywhere you might want it!

Fire Pits 

No outdoor living area would be complete without a fire pit. Imagine entertaining intimate conversations around a fire pit during the summer evenings, or even having an old fashioned family cookout and making smores with the kids. Whatever you desire, a fire pit will serve many purposes for your outdoor living area in your Long Island backyard. At Fine Design Masonry, our masonry contractors will design and construct a fire pit that suits your specific needs: from rustic to elegant and sophisticated, we will add a luxurious fire pit that will want your guests coming back to your outdoor living area every season!

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQs

Nothing says summer like cooking outdoors! And with your new outdoor living and entertaining area, an outdoor kitchen is just what your Long Island backyard needs. Imagine having friends and family over for barbecues with luxurious and functional customized kitchens all in your backyard. From barbecue pits to pizza ovens, the masonry contractors at Fine Design Masonry will design and construct the outdoor kitchen and barbecue that you have always wanted!

Outdoor Bars

Outdoor living and entertaining is not just for the kids, it is for the grown ups too! And with a sophisticated and elegant outdoor bar, your guests will be running tabs at your Long Island home every summer! Imagine serving up drinks on a custom designed bar top made out of only the best masonry materials that will compliment your outdoor living space. Fine Design Masonry has the experience and artistic creativity to design and build you an outdoor bar that will have your guests staying until last call!

Waterfalls & Water Features

One of the most beautiful Long Island backyard additions are waterfalls and water features. Whether it is a coy pond or a waterfall that leads to your pool, the team at Fine Design Masonry can design and construct waterfalls and water features in your backyard that will mesmerize guests, friends, and family. By utilizing functional and attractive materials like cobblestone, cultured stone, or slate and concrete, our team has dazzling waterfall and water features in store for you.


At Fine Design Masonry, we only use the best materials on all of our masonry design and construction projects. Cobblestone is one of our favorites. Not only is cobblestone attractive and refined, but it is durable and stain resistant which helps keep it looking fresh and clean for all of your Long Island outdoor living designs. Cobblestone is a wonderful material for outdoor fireplaces, driveways, aprons, and retaining walls. If you are interested in designing some outdoor living pieces using cobblestone, please take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration.

Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is a favorite material of the masonry contractors here at Fine Design Masonry. Because it is lightweight, durable, and versatile, it makes a great choice for nearly any design. Whether you are building retaining walls, or columns in your Long Island outdoor living area, cultured stone is a wonderful choice that will keep all of your designs looking sophisticated, sturdy, and elegant.


A custom designed chimney for your Long Island home will add value and allure. Not only is a chimney supposed to function well, but it can be an attractive asset for the top of your house. The team at Fine Design Masonry can design and construct a fantastic chimney just for you. Whether it be cobblestone, slate, or brick, we can design the sophisticated chimney that you have always wanted.


A custom designed mailbox for your Long Island home will be something to have the neighbors talking about. The team at Fine Design Masonry excels at custom designed mailboxes made from brick, cobblestone, cultured stone, slate and more. If you want your mail to be delivered with style, consider a custom designed mailbox made from our professional team of masonry contractors.

Power Washing

Not only does the team at Fine Design Masonry pride itself on custom designs like outdoor living spaces, fireplaces, and pool areas, but we also believe firmly in keeping your pieces clean and fresh. This is why we offer power washing services for all of your masonry pieces in your outdoor living areas of your Long Island home. To keep all of your masonry designs looking their best, consider calling us to come on by and power wash them. We offer flexible rates and scheduling for your convenience.